Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cloud 9

I'm a dreamer, an exceedingly childish one some might say. My attention span is as bad as my dog's, Boo. Comical name, I know, but what matters is that he responds to it. Earlier I was quite embarrassed to publicise his name, but I've gotten over it now. Besides James Thurber did say that a dog's name should strike the ears of the dog and not it's neighbours. Urrghh!!! I'm digressing again, much like my Additional English teacher. Partly why I like her so much.

Anywho... during my Human Resource Management class, I couldn't restrain myself from tilting my head to the side and wondering what would happen after death. Was there really Heaven or Hell? If there was, like most of us, I hoped to go to heaven. And then it began....

I saw white coated doctors and nurses in red and green desperately trying to get me back, "Come on, don't let go don't go" said the doctor fearfully. But the piercing sound of the heart monitor, never failed to torturingly crush the spirits of the doctors when they lose a patient.

My soul rose, permanently leaving my body. At first I was a bit disoriented, but when I saw my cold inexpressive body, and the doctor and nurses gloomily remove their gloves looking down, and leaving the dark room silently not meeting each others gaze I knew what had happened.

At that very moment a yellow-white light shone brightly on my face, and then mysteriously retraced pulling me with it. It felt like I was on roller blades. The light guided me up the stairs of the hospital, and then miserly abandoned me at the door leading to the roof. Scared to move forward, I turned around. What? The stairs had disappeared, and there was an unfriendly gooey silver sheet in place of it. There was no going back.

I was hyperventilating, at least it felt like that.I hesitantly opened the door.I gasped. Was this the stairway to heaven? It was magical, like from a fairytale. Everything was glowing, a glow that was pleasant to the eyes. An illuminating white stairway with a glass railing, a gigantic rainbow beside the bright sun, and cute little birds like the ones in Tom and Jerry. The stairway started from a bluish green lake, which had several ducklings and a mother enthusiastically trying to teach them how to stand on their head, just like the ones in one of Oscar Wilde's story. I walked towards the stairway, I was anxious, but still thrilled. I took my first step. The stairway began to move. An escalator? I felt like one of the Jetsons' characters. The birds and butterflies flew by me and soon I saw the streets of heaven "plated gold" like Milton had said. Wow! This was, indeed the stairway to heaven.

And then I was pulled up by my teacher. She asked me to tell her what we did that class. On not being able to answer her question she gave me a topic for a presentation :(... that was totally unecessary. Oh well..... what the hell...... I was just waiting for my next HRM class. I hadn't finished exploring heaven.


  1. hmm... hell and heaven? do they really exist...? I've asked this question myself a lot of times... don't think I've got an answer yet.